What we do

Explaining this, in a way that is useful to you,  is actually more difficult than it might appear. Do we organize the information  by content (Leadership, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Coaching, etc) or by delivery channel (Coaching, Training, etc)? Bear with us as we take a stab at explaining, “What we do.”

The headline would be Change Management at the individual and group level that supports growth and increased capacity.

We work in several content areas or disciplines.

Leadership development of individuals and groups, group interaction skills and processes, and individual communication skill development cover most of the ground.

We “deliver” that help through several channels.

We work with individuals in what most would call a coaching relationship. We meet (talk) regularly based upon an agreed upon plan developed with that individual.

We conduct training in all the areas listed above and we also facilitate meetings that are associated with the above areas.