Individual Coaching

One on One Coaching is increasingly a part of many individual’s professional development. Our work an individual involves conducting an initial assessment, including using appropriate instruments and interviews, followed by a joint planning session with the individual.

From this comes a plan with specific short and long term objectives.  Coaching from us is just one of the ways that the individual gets support in their change efforts.

We are qualified to use a wide variety of assessment instruments and processes including: Meyers Briggs (MBTI), Interstrength Associates products (including Interaction Styles, Temperament Patterns and Cognitive Dynamics) and all of Human Synergistics products.

More and more we find that individuals are developing and implementing development programs beyond what their employer provides.  We work with clients that are funding their own development programs as well as clients who are being funded by their organizations.

We work with a system developed by Bob Kegan and Lisa Lehey called Immunity to Change that helps people get past what they call the “New Year’s Resolution” approach to change. We all know it, lots of well intentioned declarations and little sustainable change. The Immunity to Change process moves you towards sustainable results from your change efforts.